Epics by Esséré

Villers dt Orval: developping a culture fit for growth

Once upon a time…

… we are on December 22 in a small village in Belgium called Villers devant Orval. It is freezing and raining. In fact, 43 years ago, I spent a whole month there doing roadwork for our family business. We were in a comfortable gîte. 6 people from a colleague and partner company. The founder asked us to help him build a team dynamic that would support the company’s anticipated growth.

We spent the first evening warming up by sharing our perceptions of the current situation and the expected future.

We started the next day with an open conversation about whatever topics we wanted to share. This led to a constellation of organization around our gratitude to the company. The afternoon was spent expressing the needs and limitations of the team, and then co-constructing a charter for living together.

During this workshop, the team experienced deep collective awareness, intense emotional roller coasters, many moments of truth and great laughter! They looked for dignity, simplicity in the communication, exigency in the expression of their feelings and joy to be together.

On the evening of the 23rd, I was waiting for my train, a little tired and satisfied with the journey we had undertaken.