Epics by Esséré

VERONA : Fluidifying interactions post reorganization between R&D and Production

Once upon a time… an R&D department was centralized under the Marketing function following a restructuring, whereas before R&D was done directly in the manufacturing plants. Needless to say, the relationship between these two departments is complicated. R&D is at the heart of the strategy recently developed by this industrial company.

On this late afternoon of a July day, there are a dozen of us in the room of this wonderful villa, including the head of Operations and the head of Marketing and R&D.

After releasing the tensions, the team reflects on the strengths of their collaboration. The result is immediate. As if the power of the human relationship had been unleashed, the teams also begin to talk about their difficulties, using the “I” instead of the “you”. We end the day with an excellent dinner.

On the second day, the idea is to explore the grieving process following the recent reorganization and the new strategy. We explore how great the past was!

Then it’s time to return to the present. The team chooses a few tensed situations from today where they have fallen short. Everyone begins to share their views. There are no judgments, just curiosity about the differences in perception. All the virtues of BRAVE leaders are present: Benevolence, Respect, Authenticity, Vulnerability and Emotional Awareness.

We end the day by taking actions and individual and collective commitments on the posture of each in the relationship. A beautiful day, rich in emotions that proved that it is possible to live another future.