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The captain who had the wrong submarine

I’m a bit tired writing this post tonight. But a nice tired. Today I worked with a very small team: a plant manager and his 3 team leaders.

During the individual interviews before the workshop, I often felt sad: these managers are young, and already they seem to have given up their commitment, already they have lost a lot of hope, and already they have somehow given up their dignity!

So on the day of the seminar, before we all started, I said to the leader: “Which plant manager do you want to be? That will be decided today, in front of your team”.

Then, at the beginning of the seminar, I challenged the team: “To be without hope is to renounce life”… We had an extraordinary day together! At the end of the seminar their eyes were shining again.

During the workshop they had been complaining about the lack of proactivity in their teams. Then I told them the story of this submarine captain – David Marquet – whom you may know. And so I found this video to send them. Watching it again, it is even better than I remembered! Watch it to the end!