Epics by Esséré

THE VOLCA’LODGES : Exploring my purpose as a Leader

We are in Auvergne, at the Volca-Lodge, it is the end of summer and the weather is still very nice!

We started this Leadership course a long time ago, just before the Covid pandemic started. This group is composed of the management team and volunteer managers: about 30 people in total. The pharmaceutical company is growing. It wants to anchor the culture of tomorrow. We are at the last of the five seminars of the course. Two days together in this magnificent place, which is conducive to the theme of this meeting: my “raison d’être” at the service of my company.

In pairs, to shed light on our raison d’être, we explore our strengths and limitations, our tipping points, the heroes of our childhood and adolescence. Then we project our purpose into the future, and revisit our past in light of it… and we end by deciding what is most meaningful in our lives today… a journey like the explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries.

What energy, what depth, what meaning and self-confidence this produces! It is as if egos suddenly calm down, as if they were soothed, reassured and reassuring. They put themselves at the service of the common good of the company.