Epics by Esséré

Luxembourg: Strengthening the internal customer-supplier relationship

Once upon a time…

… on a rainy day in Luxembourg, I entered the offices of a leading national company.

A few weeks earlier, an external audit had revealed a collaboration problem between the internal IT team and the business digitalization team.

The expectation expressed by the leaders of each team was: can you work on collaboration by deepening the connection between team members? Both of them had already worked with Esséré on the executive committee.

So we designed and experimented with a morning of (mis)alignment awareness on various invisible topics such as states of mind, beliefs, perceptions. We asked participants to physically position themselves on a scale on the floor from 0 to 10: in our collaborations, on our projects,


  • happy am I to work in this team?
  • have you – from the other team – met my needs?
  • do I believe you can meet my expectations?
  • can we together we meet the expectations of the company (our client).

The afternoon was designed to co-construct a common working framework:

  • clarify roles and responsibilities on hot and unclear topics
  • co-construct operating rules to collaborate more effectively.

At the end of the day, beyond the deliverables and the stronger alignment of the team members, everyone experienced deeper listening and self-expression, a real and constructive curiosity about the differences with others, with Benevolence, Respect, Authenticity, Vulnerability and Emotional consciousness (BRAVE)

That evening I had seen BRAVE leaders rising up, ready to take control of their destiny.