Epics by Esséré

Luxembourg: A new blank page

Once upon a time…

there was a family-owned business whose history dated back to the end of the 18th century. While the parent company was well known and established, the European unit was still very young. After three years of efforts focused on its profitability, the “operational piping” is finally optimized, and the good times are ahead. The European CEO believes that the time has come to turn over a new page in the history of the European presence. Just like him, some members of his team are thirsting for a new adventure – but he is not yet fully aware of it – and the group has strong international ambitions.

In the context of a sustainable focus on the company and the planet, which attracts and retains the company’s vital forces, the CEO wants to strengthen the sense of belonging and commitment to a strong European project that must contribute to the common good (economy, values, planet).

His executive committee, made up of country business and support functions, is, as in many international companies, physically fragmented and responds to a dual management, functional and hierarchical. The regional business functions are historical and therefore powerful, which does not facilitate the transformation.

It is in this context that Esséré proposes, as a first step, to regenerate the entrepreneurial breath of each executive within his or her perimeter, including the interfaces with the other functions/businesses. It’s everyone’s responsibility, it’s even a duty and… above all, it’s possible! To liberate the very personal desire of each individual for a great business and human adventure, collective and ambitious, within a framework of freedom set by the CEO. Here is what this CEO bravely proposes to his team. 

In order to do this, the CEO, with the support of Esséré, has drawn up a very personal WHY. With this induction he shares his head, his heart and his guts with the team: the existential meaning he attaches to this new page he proposes to write together. How the tensions and desires he lives with every day call for something new. How this makes sense at this moment in his life and within his philosophy of work.

After listening to their CEO, the team discussed the impact of this authentic sharing and realised how much the CEO needed each of them to continue to grow and develop.

We are yet looking forward to witnessing this entrepreneurial journey based on humanistic and demanding values.