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A Journey for BRAVE™ Leaders

Why a journey for leaders?

Our world is evolving at a rate never seen before.  Big data, globalisation, social media, stakeholder expectations, and environmental concerns are just some of the areas that add uncertainty and complexity to the corporate world.  These complexities and uncertainties can send the organisation into a negative spiral. When faced with this situation, companies tend to do more of what they know how to do: e.g. more controls, reporting, cost reduction, etc.  But this is usually not enough, and in addition, it makes the internal processes more complex and heavier.  This accentuates the negative trend.

Employees need to be prepared for literally anything.  Organisations need to transform their way of working to allow the employees and even more key, the leaders to be able to navigate this evolution, this unknown, maintaining efficiency and growth. 

At Esséré, we are convinced that the only way this transformation can be effective is if it occurs at two levels: visible and invisible.  The visible part is what we can see, read, hear, and touch and the invisible part is what we feel and the “energy” of who we are.  A journey for leaders encompassing these two levels will give your leaders the ability to navigate the unknown with confidence, maybe even fearlessly

What will you get out of this journey?

Each leader who will completes the journey will learn, will experience and will be able to balance the needs of their own egos with the needs of the organization and their team.  Their responses and reactions will be at the service of the common good.  They will learn about trust and how to fuel trust in their teams, creating an environment of psychological safety and collective belonging.  This feeling of belonging will translate into full alignment with the company’s project and its future.

At a managerial level, each participant will train and develop in his/her daily practices, 5 important virtues that we call BRAVETM.  They will hone and practice their listening skills by truly connecting with others, challenging them in a positive way and giving feedback based on what they hear underneath the words.

Your organization will thrive on collective intelligence and energy as the teams are able to align on managing tensions with a constructive way of being.

The Leaders’ journey with Esséré

The Leaders’ path consists of five 2-day workshops, each 2 months apart. It is designed for multiple hierarchical level groups but can be rolled out by hierarchical level. The seminars are focused on:

Seminar 1:

  • Exploring meaning as individuals – What is sacred to me? What gives meaning to my life?
  • Discovering 5 BRAVE™ virtues.

Seminar 2:

  • Experiencing yourself in the service of another: managing and leading with questions, quietening egos – 1st organizational capability.

Seminar 3:

  • Navigating in the unknown within the team: forging trust and psychological safety – 2nd organizational capability.

Seminar 4:

  • Navigating in the unknown within the whole organization: instilling a feeling of belonging – 3rd organizational capability.

Seminar 5:

  • Leading from within to transform the outside: being BRAVETM.

The Esséré Leaders’ Journey program is based on: link

  • 5 BRAVETM Virtues: Benevolent, Respectful, Authentic, Vulnerability and Emotionally conscious.
  • 12 leadership and managerial skills: Mindfulness, Inclusion, Perspective taking, Personal growth, Releasing suffering, Creating deep relationships, Cultivating feedback, Questioning with curiosity, Facilitating times for dialogue, Believing in the growth of people, Valuing co-creation and co-construction and Ensuring coherence and sense of meaning.
  • 3 Organizational capabilities: Managing egos, forging trust, instilling a feeling of belonging.

Why with Esséré?

With Esséré, we accompany you and your team on a journey.   On this journey, your team will cultivate a new way of being that encourages autonomy, competence, and connectedness.  According to the work on Self-Determination Theory by Ryan and Deci (2017), these are the three basic psychological needs for people to be intrinsically motivated to achieve their goals.

What sets us apart from other consultants is our approach.  We not only accompany your leaders on a journey, but we also share a deeply human experience which instills desire and meaning in the heart and guts of your teams.  An Esséré experience will leave your teams feeling confident to embrace the unknown.


Serge & Cindy