Spritz by Esséré


    Dear friends of Esséré,

    It is often said that someone who inspires me, makes me grow in value, improves a quality, transforms a behavior, an attitude… that was already present in me, but that didn’t dare to express itself fully.

    At Esséré, we agree!

    For this Spritz, we suggest that you take some family time to share on this theme.

    You should probably plan an hour for the exchange. It is certainly possible to make this shorter. In this period of fast changes, it might be an opportunity to get together, even if it has to be by video.

    The principle is quite simple.
    As always, plan a nice and warm place, warn the participants in advance, invite them to a time of sharing without revealing the content or the method, ideally sit down without any table or obstacle between you. Explain the rules simply (below), leave plenty of room for interpretation. Then start experimenting.


    Who are the people who have inspired me the most?
    … let time to think about it.


    I choose a first one and I ask myself:
    – how did it happen?
    – What has grown in me through the contact with this person?
    – and today, how does it manifest itself in my life?
    … allow time for reflection

    Start sharing one after the other.

    Be careful to listen to each person until the end, without interrupting. Once the person has finished sharing, ask a few questions about feelings, personal values, impact in life, etc. Also, share a resonance:

    – what this listening makes you experience, – what it provokes in you… (avoid talking about your similar experiences… 🙂 )

    Then the next one expresses himself.
    When everyone is done, if there is energy, move on to a second person who inspired you. And so on.

    If the energy is still there, you can end with an exchange on this question:

    And today, what would like to grow in me and express itself more in my life? What might that produce?

    End the experiment with a final word.

    The Esséré team sends you its best smiles for this weekend!
    Best wishes to you,