Epics by Esséré

HAZELNUT HOUSE : Shaping the Leadership Team of a start-up

Once upon a time… the CEO of a finetech start-up, who just raised 5M€, expects his management team to secure the scalability of the company.

We start the evening by taking care of the team. They have been living for a long time like a never ending race feeling.

Then comes a big moment where everyone reflects and shares their perception of the customer. Two teams propose a drawing to support the exchange.

After sharing intense moments, we conclude the second day with a visioning experience: how I perceive my organization in 3 years and how I will be and feel in this context.

At the conclusion, there is an overall feeling that this “quiet” time was absolutely necessary to recharge, reconnect and realign the team.

Indeed, we worked on the regeneration  of this team, aligning their meaning and desire, while epxeriencing BRAVE Leader Vertues among themselves.