Talk real to each other, for real

In this dense world of information, meeting time is precious. You have probably experimented with several formats with different facilitation “techniques”. You know that it is necessary to create an intense moment that will be “remembered” and also that will result in a “visible” change that will last in your organization.

In order for your messages and events to reach their full impact, they need to touch the hearts of your employees and thus awaken a desire for movement and commitment. We propose to invite more courage and authenticity into your events. The size of the groups can range from a few people to several hundred.

Our convictions about group facilitation

Authenticity, without the weight of the role, nor the armour of fears, frees the impulses of life.

BRAVE™ relationships in a group event, unleashes the full potential of the messages.

The more alive it is, the more effective it is.

The Esséré approach

We start by understanding your needs and the environment of your team in order to co-construct a meaningful agenda. Our focus is on ensuring that the overall event is coherent, and centred on the human factor for maximum engagement.

We create an experience that is deeply human and engaging, teaching your teams how to be together and truly connect in a safe environment. It is in this environment of courage and trust, that the issues are raised, discussed and hopefully, resolved.

Our value proposition

At the end of a group meeting facilitated by Esséré, your teams will have felt, in their head, hearts and guts, what is truly important about your message. They will have experienced moments that have a lasting impression and their relationships will feel renewed. Your burning issues will be addressed in a meaningful and sustainable way.