The awakening of collective desire

The increasing complexity of our organizations and the world in general is shaking up our management paradigm. Whereas it used to be possible to keep everything under control in a pyramidal hierarchical framework, today organizational efficiency is based on participation, creativity, initiative, disruption and the expression of individual desires and talents.

To enable everyone to use their talents, to move forward in the same direction and to live a common and coherent sense, we propose to co-create the human and business adventure that your organization wants to live in the future. Your vision.

Our convictions about vision

It is the collective desire for a different future that counts.

Any work related to transformation should also transform the participants.

Taking care of everyone, even those who seem opposed or appear to resist is important.

The Esséré approach

We start with an exploration of the major trends in the industry, the organization’s capacity for disruption and the desire for transformation. We use an approach which generates curiosity and awareness.

We then work with you to write a future for your organization which is desirable and engaging; one which is concrete enough to feed your teams emotions and general enough for everyone to find their place in it.

Finally, we invite everyone to take a first concrete step towards this desired future.

Our value proposition

With a collective desire with everyone aligned in the same direction, you will see the silos start to disappear. Teams will feel a strong sense of belonging and will work in a more collaborative way.