A deeply human breath of transformation

For greater efficiency, agility and confidence in the face of major challenges, we suggest that you invite a profoundly human breath of transformation into your organization.

Each day, you deal with increasing complexities and uncertainties, maybe moving from one crisis to another. “Normal” is taking on a whole new meaning. You may be wondering how to maintain energy and motivation in your leaders during these turbulent times. Perhaps you’ve tried different solutions that only provide temporary relief.

Perhaps you’re just not sure what to try next. Esséré proposes a solution to boost your organizations’ energy and responsiveness.

Our convictions about transformation

Any work related to transformation
should also transform the participants

Taking care of everyone, even
those who seem opposed.

Shared desire is a powerful driver of organisational transformation.

A company in transformation is looking for meaning, for paths. It doesn’t have all the answers.

During transformation, there are no ‘bad guys’ who resist, nor ‘stupid’ who don’t understand, there are just people who lose their bearings.

The Esséré approach

The leader starts with a call for volunteers, a call that touches the minds, hearts and guts of as many people as possible, to experience something else, something different.

We then explore who you are as a company and who you want to become (Vision Values and Reason for Being) and create alignment through collective intelligence.

A BRAVE™ leaders’ journey will ensure that your leaders have the posture, competencies and skills to step into this journey – this unknowned – with confidence.

Our value proposition

When you have a BRAVE™ organization that is aligned toward a common direction, combined with the right culture and mindset, the result is increased sustainability among the 4 organizational capitals.

Four organizational capabilities have grown: egos at the service of the common good, trust in and between teams and a sens of belonging.