At Esséré we are…
Insightful about what you are living

The Esséré team has decades of international experience with what drives and what constrains the corporate world. We have lived our own personal journeys of self-discovery through deep introspection. We can relate to you.

Passionate about where you will go next

We wish organizations of tomorrow’s world to be different, to be regenerative. Transforming companies means, above all, helping their leaders’ “transformation”. We are curious and optimistic for the future.

Inquisitive about how you will get there

We also have accumulated decades of experience on leadership and transformation. We work not by teaching, but by learning with our clients, their environment, and their challenges, while sharing our experiences, insights and intuitions. We can be explorers at your side.

We exist to…

Respond to a thirst for meaning in the business world. We create deeply human experiences that instill collective desire and meaning in your organization.

Develop BRAVE™ leaders for a better world. We explore the unknown together and with deep partnership, to embrace it with more confidence.

We believe that…

We are convinced that, intrinsically, man is neither good nor bad. Everything depends on the time, the circumstances, the social and economic environment. We are all capable of the best and the worst. Nothing is immutable.

In every human being, there is the capacity, even the need, to live deep, learning, value-generating relationships with ourselves, with others and, sometimes, with the world.

Human interactions at work can either expand consciousness – bigger and deeper souls – or shrink it.

When consciousness unfolds in the workplace, it changes the company and often the world for the better.

Tomorrow, more BRAVE™ leaders will be needed to cope with the world’s challenges.

When profit is the target, it pressures the system. When profit is the result, it expands the system.

We build relationships with…

Our clients :

We work with companies that want to brave the unknown by believing in people. We offer them the opportunity to illuminate the meaningful direction the organization wants to take and create a culture that embraces change. 

A community of friends :

Part of our business is offered to a community of committed leaders : the Friends of Esséré. Together we continuously experience the life we really want to live. A life centered on what is essential, driven by meaning, and BRAVE™ virtues, in which we feel alive at every moment! For us, the line between personal and professional is fluid when it comes to growing : better human beings <==> better leaders

The academic world :

We build win-win relationships with the academic world, which bring scientifically researched views and concepts to better serve our clients. Our client-work allows our research partners to fuel their research with real life experience and data, allowing them to share these concepts with future leaders.

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