At Esséré, we believe that by sharing our stories, our tools and what inspires us, your thirst for knowledge and meaning will be quenched in some way. It is our wish that our inspiration may become yours.


We would like to share with you, the moments of our work that inspire us the most. These are our stories.

Our posts

Our tools

We have created some tools to help our community better practice our leadership model. You can also access some specific surveys – coming from the scientific research – to see how you score on the organizational capabilities of our leadership model that support organizational and personal well-being and performance.

Assessment tools

These tools, backed by academic research, will allow you to assess where you or your organization are related to 3 important organizational capabilities.

Coherence measured by The Quiet Ego

Trust measured by Psychological Safety

Sense of Belonging measured by Perceived Organizational Support

The Quiet Ego

The Quiet Ego

THE EGO, WHAT IS IT ? We don't want to try to give a fixed definition of the ego, we leave that to...

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Leadership tools
Decision making

Books & Publications

The work of Esséré is inspired by many writers and researchers. Below you will find links to some of the work that inspires us the most and is the basis of what we do.