For the Esséré team, being friends is important.

The meaning we give to your decision to become an Esséré’s Friend is that you are/want to be on a journey for you, and with us.

Part of our activity is paid by our clients, another part is pro-bono towards a community of committed leaders : the Friends of Esséré, that is you.

We want you to be able to choose, even more, to live the life you really want. A life where what is essential for you is at the center, where you are animated by the meaning you give to events, where you enjoy every moment !

For us the border between personal and professional is fluid when it comes to growing :

For this we want :


  • to facilitate the sharing of experiences of transformation, leadership and meaning in business between you, for example through intervision,
  • to experience life together, for example by working on high impact projects, or by coaching each other,
  • to offer you deep, meaningful life experiences, for example, special times with yourself and your loved ones (Spritz),
  • to strengthen the bonds between us all, for example our Piazza Centrale retreat,
  • to find other proposals, to be discovered together in a future that I hope is near…

In the bond of reciprocity and in complete freedom, the Friends participate in the life of the community and in the development of Esséré.

What you can bring to us is


  • R&D: on our tools and our transformation models, the evolution of our Vision, feedback on our tools.
  • co-construction of our community of friends: contribute to events, propose activities within the community, …
  • commercial : connecting with potential customers, testimonials, representation time for Esséré (ambassadors), logistics/management on our events.
  • assignments at your company.
All in joy, simplicity and exigency.
Becoming friends

Esséré is rooted in a community of leaders who are on their personal journey – the Friends of Esséré – in a spirit of reciprocity: Esséré facilitates meaningful experiences in the community and the Friends participate in the development of Esséré.

If you believe in this, then

Oxygen bubble

The last Thursday of each month, at 1PM (CET) in French and 6PM (CET) in English (6AM ET in French and 12PM ET in English)

You feel like you are always running, jumping from one subject/ project/ meeting to another, you get tired and sometimes feel like you are losing your footing, running after a departing train ?

Did you know that our ability to be effective sometimes requires us to take a little time, to step back, to take a break from the daily rush ?

Breathing and refocusing: putting yourself in a bubble, forgetting the noise of incoming e-mails, pending tasks, meetings, to-do lists… can do you a world of good.

And what if taking 1 hour of your time would allow you to get on with your work better, or even to speed it up afterwards and save time ?

Leaders or managers in companies, Esséré offers you the opportunity to test a bubble of oxygen. A 1-hour workshop, led by the founders of Esséré, will allow you to :

– Devote yourself to you
– Untangle the chaos of your thoughts
– Find clarity to prioritise
– Refocus on the essential
– Rekindle the flame in you and regain energy

If this speaks to you, then give yourself this gift, take a step towards more serenity, think of yourself and breathe! Sign up here :

It’s completely complementary !

A danish leader
A german leader
An english leader
An italian leader
A mexican leader
A partner of Esséré

Regularly, we propose to our friends ideas for experiences that we hope are rich, unique, educational, and helping to create deeper relationships.

Very simply, an email invites our friends to question themselves, to play a game, to take a step back, to meditate, etc. alone, with a close friend, or with their family.