Preparing leaders to embrace the unknown with confidence

Complexity and thus increasing uncertainty have changed how we see leadership. Whereas the manager used to try to reduce uncertainty, now she must not only accept it but also take advantage of the opportunities. It is therefore necessary to exercise leadership in a different way and to take advantage of the strength of the collective.

Sharing a strong sense of meaning, living one’s values and principles on a daily basis, building long-term relationships, managing with one’s heart, showing inner discipline… This is what transforms command and control into behaviours, attitudes and postures more efficient in our complex systems.

We propose to explore with you, this more conscious, authentic and transforming leadership. Fully unleash the human factor !

Our beliefs about leaders
More partnership, less opposition.
BRAVE™ virtues for confidence during turbulence.
More trust, less authority.
Demanding yet benevolent.

The Esséré approach

Esséré proposes a BRAVE™ journey for leaders: one that consists of workshops totalling 6-10 days, spread out over 6-12 months, depending on the clients needs. It is designed for multiple hierarchical level groups but can be rolled out by hierarchical level.

What sets us apart from other consultants is our approach. We not only accompany your leaders on a journey, but we also share a deeply human experience which instills desire and meaning in the heart and guts of your teams. We do not use role play, only concrete cases from the participants’ daily life. An Esséré experience will deeply transform your leaders, giving them confidence to embrace the unknown.

Our leadership model

Transform the visible AND the invisible

At Esséré, we are convinced that the only way a transformation can be effective is if it occurs at two levels: visible and invisible. The visible part is what we can see, read, hear, and touch and the invisible part is what we feel and the “energy” of who we are.

BRAVE™ Virtues – Exploring the invisible

At the core, are some specific virtues that are critical for leaders to be able to embody the leadership skills needed for your BRAVE organization to thrive. Our journey of leadership will allow your leaders to understand and experience each of these virtues. We identified 5 of them that we call them BRAVE™ virtues; benevolence, respect, authenticity, vulnerability, and emotional consciousness.

A book authored by Cindy Benning, part of our team, describes in detail, her journey of self-discovery into leadership and what these BRAVE virtues mean. For more information on her book, click here.

Organizational capabilities – Living the Visible

A leadership journey with Esséré focuses on sharing and experiencing a way of working where (1) Egos are serving for the good of everyone, where (2) Trust is created within and between teams and where (3) there is a strong and solid sense of belonging to something even bigger than the organization.

Our value proposition

When leaders focus on serving the common good and aligning with the company’s vision, sustained energy radiates throughout the organization.

Living the 5 BRAVE™ virtues and fostering the 3 visible organizational capabilities creates an environment for change and sustainable, regenerative performance.