Spritz by Esséré

Beyond the idea of Good and Evil

“”Beyond the ideas of good and evil, there is a field.

That is where I will find you.”

These words of Rumi inspire peace, peace in the world, as well as inner peace.

We suggest that you take 15 minutes of your time to meditate on them this Spritz.
Plan these 15 minutes in your schedule so as not to be disturbed; prepare a quiet and welcoming place where you will not be disturbed; dress comfortably. We invite you to read these instructions once (or twice), then get started.
Once you are settled, set a timer or trust your instincts about what will happen.

Start with a few deep breaths in through your nose, hold the air in your full lungs for a few seconds, feel your body relax, exhale through your nose again, holding the air flow a little, then stay 2-3 seconds with empty lungs and start again.

Now call your attention to Rumi’s phrase; let it loop in you; start with your head and then maybe let it go down into your body, like a big friendly snake; let it go in and out, where it wants.
When you feel that your whole being is impregnated by these words, like your body by the warm water of the sea when you are swimming, let your mind sail.

What does it tell you? Do you know this field? have you found it? with whom? with you? with those you love? How is it when you are not there? Why are there these ideas of good and evil? What do you consider good and what is evil?

After this time, this time, clear your mind … breathe again in consciousness … what is important to you from this meditation? What gift have you given yourself today by tasting this spritz?
We send you our most beautiful smiles!