Spritz by Esséré

Remember your best moments

Organize a quiet moment with your « other half » or a dear friend, for a little intimate sharing. Remember to warn beforehand to avoid surprises and to preserve around 20 minutes, but do not reveal the content.

Prepare the place – music in the background, candle,… or not – and two comfortable seats facing each other, without any table or obstacle between. If not, the phone or zoom works too.

Once you are seated face to face, suggest that you take 30 seconds to look at each other in silence, perhaps smiling, but not laughing (which would be an avoidance of contact).

Then ask
« Would you mind remembering one of the best moments for you, from our relationship? »
« Take the time to relive it with all your senses » (give it several seconds)!
« Will you share it with me with all your senses (visual, auditory, touch, olfactory and feelings)? » Listen until the end, without interrupting, ask some questions to make this memory even more alive in the other person.

Share a resonance (what it makes you live, inside you)
Feel if it is appropriate to reverse the roles (you share a memory)
Let the conversation flow without expectations or pressure.