Spritz by Esséré

An Exercise in Mindfulness – Be a Tourist

“When we finally become present in our lives its as if we are seeing things for the first time.” – Renae A. Sauter

Have you noticed that when you walk or drive the same path over and over, you forget to see it, I mean to really see it for all that it is? Here is an exercise in being present that will help you see your path in a new way.

Take a walk through a place where you’ve been many times before and notice it on purpose – with intention – as if for the first time. Pay attention to all your senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel that you otherwise would have taken for granted?

Now what emotions are evoked? Can you name the emotion?

These emotions are powerful and will now be linked to that experience. That is, unless you repeat the exercise and experience different sensations…….